Is Buying a Historic Home Right for You

Real Estate

If you live in Dallas, Texas, then you probably don’t live very far from a historic neighborhood. These neighborhoods bring with them a sense of charm and character. Some home buyers in the area are looking for a home that brings a story to life, while others prefer writing the story themselves. If you’re on the lookout for a new home in Dallas and am considering a home in one of Dallas’ famed historic neighborhoods, then you’ll need to keep a few things in mind.


Dallas, along with other towns throughout the United States, has zoning and planning commissions whose job it is to preserve and protect historic homes and neighborhoods. What does this mean for you as a new homeowner? The updates you want to make could go against the façade that is approved for the area. In Dallas, a Certificate of Appropriateness must be obtained before any work can begin on any property located within a landmark district.

Architecture Recreation

Historic homes are historic for a reason. They’re older and will most likely require a quite of bit of work. When you take on a historical home update, you may run into some issues with finding the right type of material needed to reconstruct the home. Prior to purchasing a historic home in Dallas, I would suggest meeting with a few local architects to ensure they will be able to help you bring the house back to life.


If you’re considering a historic home in Dallas, then you already know that the house you select will need some type of work done on it. Most of these homes are not move-in ready. Thus, for those who have their hearts set on purchasing a historic home, it’s important to have a strategy in place to address issues as they surface. You have to be ready to put quite a bit of money into the house, for example, to ensure all heating and cooling systems are working properly and the plumping is up to code.


I understand that there are history buffs out there who dream of the day they can move into a gorgeous Victorian style home. If you aren’t the type of person that can appreciate the labor of love that goes into owning a historic home in Dallas, you may have to consider purchasing something that’s a little more updated.