Is Your Home Priced Right?


With the spring real estate season officially here, more houses are coming onto the market every day and enthusiastic buyers searching for their perfect home, it’s important to make sure your house is priced correctly.

According to CoreLogic, a leading provider of property data, their latest Home Price Index shows that home values have risen by more than 6% year over year the past two years, but recently started to slow to 4.4% in the last 12 months. Their prediction is that home values will be approximately 4.6% higher by this time next year.

Now that prices have started to slow from their previous pace it imperative to price your home right. Pricing it too high thinking you’re leaving room for negotiation could actually decrease the number of buyers who will see your Dallas home for sale. Take a look at the chart below.


The worst thing you could do is try to ‘win’ a negotiation with a single buyer. To receive the best price for your home, you’ll want to price it to maximize the demand, and the buyers are trying to outbid one another.

The key to selling your house in 2019 is making sure your house is Priced To Sell. This way, your Dallas home will be seen by the most buyers and will sell at a great price before more competition comes to market!