Spring Home Maintenance

Home Improvement

I hope you’ve been enjoying this great weather as much as I have lately. Spring is here, which means it’s time to put a little work into the house. Just like with a car, it’s important to perform some routine maintenance on the house to keep in top shape. Whether you plan to live in your Dallas home for many years, or you’re considering putting it on the market soon, here’s a list of everything you should get done in the coming weeks.

Clean the Gutters

It’s important to keep leaves and debris out of the gutters, especially during the raining season, to make sure there are any clogs. You’ll also want to make sure there aren’t any leaks that need to be fixed. You can do this by running a water hose through them.


By power washing vinyl siding, you can prevent mold from forming. If you have wood siding, check to see if there are any areas that need touch-up paint.

Windows & Door Screens

Check your window and door screens for holes and replace if necessary.

Hot Water Heater

Lubricate the pump and motor. If you’re not familiar with these parts, I recommend calling in an expert to help.


Have your roof inspected for any loose or damaged shingles. Don’t wait for a huge storm to pass through to find a roofer that you can trust. 


Treat your deck or porch with stain to keep it sturdy. Make adjustments to railings if they’re becoming loose.

Sprinkler System

Check your valves and replace them if they aren’t working.


I always remind my clients when they're considering selling their Dallas home that first impressions of the house are just as important as meeting a new person for the first time. Spend some time in the yard clearing out weeds, adding a little bit of color and trimming trees and hedges.


Walk through your home and carefully inspect the floors, walls, and doorways for cracks or separation. If you notice any, call a reputable foundation company or structural engineer to take a look.


Make sure the caulking around the shower and sink isn’t deteriorating. If it is, scrape it out and replace.