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While a custom builder’s goal is to stay within budget and build a quality home, an architect hopes to achieve a certain aesthetic design that is both functional and beautiful. As a Dallas real estate agent, I’ve worked with many architects and designers who have built beautiful homes. If you are looking for a certain design and style when it comes to your custom build, here are the architects that I recommend reaching out to.


Maestri Studio

Maestri Studio’s is a full-service architecture and interior design studio who loves design and is good at their work. With their meticulous attention to detail, they will bring your vision to life. As a turn-key architecture and design studio, Maestri Studio is confident they’ll achieve your new home’s goals.



 Maestri Studio Dallas Architect

Brian Easley

For over 20 years Brian Easley has been working as an architect in residential real estate. Having designed dozens of high-end homes in Dallas, Kansas City, Atlanta and Austin, his goal is simple, create the best living environment for his clients.  



Brian Easley Dallas Designer


SHM Architects

SHM believes that beautiful design requires two things – passion and time. Their projects are personalized, luxurious designs that aren’t flashy, but aspirational. As a company that cares about their craft, they are always conscious of their design principles and core values regardless of project type, scope, style or location.



SHM Dallas Architects